How To Monetize Your Podcasts

You have to be brave to record podcasts and share your voice with the world. It also takes a lot of planning and preparation to create great podcasts so it is great to be rewarded for your efforts. So how can you make money from your podcasts? Here are some podcast monetization ideas that work well for other podcasters.

Make Offers on your Podcasts

If you have created your own products or services then you can promote these during your podcasts. You need to do this in a subtle way. It is best to give the impression to your listeners that you are trying to help them with the offer you are making.

Nobody wants to listen to a podcast that is going to try and sell them stuff. So don’t make your offer messages sales orientated in any way. Just gently recommend the offer as a way of solving their problems. If you don’t have your own products then recommend affiliate offers to make commissions.

Get a Sponsor

A lot of podcasters have sponsors. You will know this because at the start and end of their podcasts there will be a message like “brought to you by XYZ Company the leader in…” The great thing about having a sponsor is that you have to do very little to earn the money. Maybe you record an intro and outro message, and sometimes a specific mention in your podcast.

Sometimes sponsors will approach you directly because they have heard about the growing popularity about your podcasts. You can look for sponsors to by connecting with brokers that specialize in finding sponsors for podcasters.

Patreon and Donations

Asking for a regular donation using a Patreon account is another popular way that podcasters make money. You can agree to provide your Patreon listeners with special podcasts that only they can access for paying you an amount per month.

You can just have a donation page and ask people to help you to keep the podcast going and cover your time and expenses by simply making a donation. If they like your podcast they will understand and it will give them a lot of satisfaction to send you a small or large amount of money.

Offer Consulting or Coaching Services

One of the major benefits of having a podcast series is that you can establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Many of your listeners will aspire to have the same knowledge as you do and some of them will be willing to pay you high ticket prices to receive one on one consulting or coaching services.

You can provide these services online using an app like Skype. When you offer these services in your podcast tell your listeners that you only have a small number of slots available (this is true as you don’t want to be swamped).

Sell Premium Podcasts

You can create premium podcasts that your listeners can only access by making a payment. If this is popular with your listeners then you could turn this into a monthly membership where they subscribe and pay you every month to access your premium podcasts.

Make the premium podcasts about subjects really close to your listener’s hearts. Something that they cannot easily get for free.